By major 3 metropolitan areas and major cities/ transition of monthly rent of condominiums

In May cosmopolitan area risen +1.1% making 2,927yen/㎡ compared to previous year same month. Tokyo 23 wards shows continuous rise, however, substantially is a flat transition. Kinki area shows a decrease after 5 months. Chubu area down turning. Net trend remains steady.

2019 May, metropolitan rent for condominium has sustained an upward trend of +1.1% making 2,927yen/㎡ on the surface, result due to decrease of cases of surrounding 3 prefectures and an increase of higher rent level cases in Tokyo. By prefecture, Tokyo had a small decline of -0.5% making 3,459yen /㎡. Kanagawa(-0.9%, 2,154yen/㎡), and Chiba (-0.9%, 1,619yen/㎡) has also shown a 1% decrease from the influence of its main administrative district market price fall. In addition, Saitama has shown an up rise of +0.1% making 1,661/㎡, however, considering the rejuvenation of an average built, substantially the trend is flat to weak transition.

Kinki area has shown a decreased of -0.7% making 1.880/㎡ first time after 5 months from the influence of flat to weak transition of its main area. Osaka, a flat trend making 2,130yen/㎡, stopping the uptrend since the beginning of the year. On the other hand, Hyogo has continuously decreased since the previous month with a wider rate of decline. In addition, rent itself is below level compared to the beginning of the year.

Chubu area -1.6%making 1,767yen/㎡, Aichi -1.4% making 1,813yen/㎡, both appeared decrease from the increase cases of older built. Nonetheless, the net trend remains steady for these areas. Source:

Tokyo Kankei