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JR山手線 新大久保 5分

87m2 3LDK

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Nanpeidai HillTop House

Nanpeidai HillTop House


JR山手線 渋谷 8分

42m2 1LDK

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2019.10.31 Real Estate index Price, overall house value index climbs for 55month

October 15th   , the MLIT(The ministry of Land, information, transport and tourism)   has announced, 2019 July real estate index(housing) and the second quarter index (Commercial real estate). The index is 100 for the 10-year average. The same month overall ho...

2019.06.18 Tokyo 23 wards rises +0.1% making 3.646yen/m2.

By major 3 metropolitan areas and major cities/ transition of monthly rent of condominiums In May cosmopolitan area risen +1.1% making 2,927yen/㎡ compared to previous year same month. Tokyo 23 wards shows continuous rise, however, substantially is a flat transition. Kinki area shows a dec...

2019.05.23 Housing real estate price index rises continuously for 50 months

MLIT released its 2019 January’s real estate price index (housing and commercial real estate) and its quarter real estate price index (commercial real estate).  The number is based on an average of 100 in 2010.     According to this index; January’s nati...